ules that will help you live to 100 years

It seems that scientists have managed to uncover the secret, if not eternal life, then at least longevity (which is also nice). The results are amazing: it turns out that only those who have a simpler attitude to the world and do not deny themselves anything but are not followers of strict guidelines, fall into the ranks of super-agers (i.e. long-livers).

Cognitive neuroscientist Emily Rogalsky of Northwestern University in the United States proved in one of her published studies that there is no need to drive yourself into a rigid framework. To live long means to live happily, and nothing else. 

Here are the main habits of those who have crossed the mark of 80 years and are already confidently moving towards the “hundred”. So what helps them stay sane and enthusiastic?

Be an optimist

Be an optimist

This is one of the main keys to longevity. Almost all people who live to the impressive age of 100+ years have a particularly positive outlook on the world. They, unlike the average person, really like to just live. They do not lose curiosity, sincerely experience all emotions and believe in the best, bypassing the negative. Therefore, if you want to cross the threshold of 80+, and at the same time remain in good health and consciousness, you just need to enjoy the little things more often and not hold back a smile. It could include playing on the TonyBet website, enjoying your favourite games, or watching movies.

Arrange yourself for moderate mental stress

If you think that life stops after retirement, then you definitely won’t reveal the secret of longevity. Nearly all super-agers continue to be active and seek out new hobbies—whether it be reading, learning languages, or other ways to test intelligence. Constant, but moderate mental stress helps to maintain clarity of mind and get unusual experiences.

Don’t forget friends

Centenarians are also united by a passion for communication. Constant contact with people favourably affects the cognitive functions of the brain. Scientists have even found that all people of impressive age have a large number of von Economo neurons. It is assumed that they are responsible for the ability to think quickly, communicate information and strive for social interaction. Hence the conclusion: have a hundred friends – and you will be saved from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders.

Have a job you love

Having a hobby is a must if you plan to enter the centenarian club. Even at a respectable age, there should be something you want to do. It can be travel, photography, needlework or sports.

Do not abuse diets

Do not abuse diets

The researchers found that people who did not deny themselves anything in terms of nutrition felt better and did not complain about their health – even if their weight was “moderately overweight.” In principle, well-fed people “outlive” slender ones – a low body mass index especially adversely affects the condition of people over 80 years old.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure

Surprisingly, giving up junk food or habits does not lead to an increase in the number of years lived. In 2003, California scientists conducted a global “Study of 90-Year-Olds” and found that, on average, centenarians are those who do not abstain from small pleasures like coffee and wine.

It’s not even about justifying an unhealthy lifestyle, but about being honest with yourself. Don’t limit simple pleasures, and it will be a juicy steak or good music – you decide.