5 most unusual wins in history

Sometimes, in order to earn absolutely fantastic money, it is enough just to be at the right time in the right place and trust your intuition. Does it look like fairy tales? We talk about the most interesting winnings in history.

The dream suggested the correct result

A certain Adrian Hayworth slept peacefully and dreamed – it was there that he seemed to see live how a Liverpool team player scores a beautiful and accurate goal from his own half of the field. After waking up, the man made a bet of 200 pounds. With a coefficient of 125, it is easy to calculate how much money he received when the goal actually happened – just such a scenario from a dream.

In order to predict the outcome of sports competitions not in a dream, but in reality, you need to be well versed in different sports and be able to analyze the current form of an athlete and an opponent, correctly interpret match predictions and take into account many other factors – or use data from professionals who have already learned to deal with such issues. It is very easy to choose the best in the desired direction for betting. You can click the TonyBet Login button and start betting on different events.

Beginners are lucky

Beginners are lucky

One lady, whose name remains unknown, got to the hippodrome for the first time – an Englishwoman bet only 5 pence on a completely useless horse, which both the jockey and the spectators were going to retire almost immediately after the race. The victory of this unfortunate and miserable animal was estimated at a coefficient of 3,072,887. What happened to the dark horse there and why she suddenly rushed at full speed, no one knows either, but the lady won that evening a very decent amount of money – more than 150 thousand pounds.


It is very important to believe in your children and grandchildren – psychologists constantly talk about this. Perhaps someone will be inspired by the story of Pete Edwards: when his grandson Harry Wilson was only two years old, his grandfather bet 50 pounds that the kid would one day kick the ball across the field for the national team. This is exactly what happened – after some 14 years, the far-sighted grandfather became richer by 125 thousand pounds.

Luck of an observant locksmith

Luck of an observant locksmith

An employee of the karting track must understand this sport – it was this circumstance that helped the ordinary mechanic who was engaged in the maintenance of racing cars to recognize the future Formula 1 champion a young boy named Lewis Hamilton. The technician looked at how confidently the youngster covered the distance in his car – and bet hard-earned 100 pounds that the world would recognize the champion even before they reached the age of 25. Lewis’ first victory brought an unknown technician £125,000.

A coefficient of more than one and a half million – and this happens

The usual hard worker Mike Gibbs did not have too much money, so he bet only half a dollar on the outcome of 15 football matches. To his amazement, the coefficient exceeded the mark of one and a half million, so the lucky winner won an impressive 833 thousand dollars.