Bingo Casinos

The advantages of playing bingo while using an online casino are relatively obvious. For one thing, you can play anytime, anywhere and don’t have to wait for an event or an arcade to open.

How to Play Bingo Online

If you want to play bingo and don’t want to miss out on the convenience of the internet, you should first choose a trustworthy and reputable online casino. In addition to an EU licence, a partnership with trustworthy software manufacturers and payment methods is important.

Most online casinos nowadays also have a whole range of bingo games to discover and you should therefore have no difficulty finding a provider entirely to your liking.

After you have chosen your online casino, you can already play bingo online, as long as you have created an account and logged into the casino with it.

So select a bingo game in the corresponding casino, decide on a stake, which is usually determined by buying a certain number of playing cards, and you can get started with a simple click on the “Play” button.

While you have to cross off the drawn numbers on your cards yourself when playing bingo in everyday life, this usually happens automatically and on all your cards at the same time when playing bingo online.

What are the different ways to play bingo online?

Live Bingo

Bingo online is available in many different versions and the classic version with 75 balls and a bingo card with 25 fields in 5×5 rows is only the beginning. Besides the classic, not only the number of balls but also the structure of the bingo card can be quite different. We would like to briefly introduce the most common variants offered in online casinos.

But that’s almost where the differences end, because even when playing bingo with 90 balls, your goal is to cross off rows or even entire game slips with the correct numbers.

Play Bingo with 80 balls

This variant is also one of the classics and is played with tickets consisting of 16 fields. The ticket consists of four lines with four rows each and in each field there is a number which is hopefully represented by a drawn ball.

Only 30 balls are in play in Speed Bingo

If you just want to play a quick round of Bingo, then the so-called Speed Bingo with its 30 balls in play is just right for you. Here your bingo card has just 9 squares in an arrangement of 3×3 rows. The aim of the game is to fill in the entire ticket and then you can shout “Bingo!

Can you increase your chances of winning at bingo?

Just like all other games offered in online casinos, bingo is a pure game of chance and therefore it is difficult to give meaningful tips on how to trick the system. However, there are some ways to at least give yourself a better chance of winning.

Try to play many different numbers

Play Bingo

If you have the option of selecting your tickets manually, make sure that there are not too many duplicate numbers, because if all your bingo cards show the same numbers, our first tip will be invalidated.

With many different numbers on several tickets, on the other hand, you have the best chance of always being able to make a cross somewhere, no matter which number is called.