Play the Lotto

Hardly any lottery is better known than 6aus49. This lottery has long since achieved cult status. Not only we, but even our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed taking part in the draws. People still sit in front of their screens on Wednesdays and Saturdays – or conveniently check the numbers online.

It is not surprising that playing the lottery is so popular: it is a very simple way to win a lot of money. In principle, you don’t need any prior knowledge. All you have to do is fill in the lottery ticket correctly, hand it in and wait. It is even easier if you play the lottery online. Use your laptop or a mobile device of your choice. Download gambling provider apps – or just use the mobile browser. Every modern provider makes it easy for you to play on the go via the web browser.

All About The Draw, Jackpots And Super Numbers

Lotto secrets

The German Lotto numbers are drawn twice a week. There are then different winning classes that you can fall into. The more numbers you get right, the bigger the prize, of course.

Lotto odds and prize categories

There are a total of nine so-called prize classes in our traditional Lotto. If you hit the jackpot, then you have landed in class 1. This means that all six numbers that were drawn are on your lottery ticket. The super number must also be correct.

As far as lottery odds are concerned, these can be viewed at any time on official lottery sites. You will find them not only for 6aus49, but also for Super 6 or Game 77. The same applies to international lottery games. There, too, the odds can be viewed at any time.

Lotto Tips: These tricks could decide about a big win

Lotto tips

If you want to get closer to winning millions, it is not a bad idea to look into lotto tips.

Play on Wednesday: The most players are on Saturday. Therefore, if you play on Wednesday, you will usually have to share any winnings with fewer people.

Refrain from using birthday numbers: This is because many people get this idea. Therefore, refrain from using certain dates that contain the numbers from 1 to 31. 19 is also popular, as it is often part of the birth years of our loved ones.

Choose numbers that are used less often: There are some numbers that are less often found on betting slips due to superstition. These include 13, for example, and numbers such as 14, 43 or 49 are also used less often. This is a good chance for you to increase your winnings considerably.

Don’t play according to a pattern: Shape an egg at Easter time, bet on fir trees in winter. Do without! Many supposedly creative players come up with this idea. You would then have to share a profit with many more people.

If you have been playing according to a fixed system until now, it might be worthwhile to rethink your habits. Admittedly, a big jackpot is still not guaranteed. But if your unusual numbers are drawn, you have a good chance of having to share your winnings with fewer players.